About John Savageau

John Savageau president of Pacific-Tier Communications, in addition to serving on the board of directors at the Convergence Tecnology Council of California.  With more than  35 years in the telecomunications business, and extensive international experience focusing on China, Japan, and developing Asian markets, John Savageau has developed a unique perspective on the telecom and technology community.

Most recently, having the opportunity to work in developing countries through contracts with the World Bank, USAID, and USTDA, John has traveled and chronicled travels in Vietnam, Indonesia, Moldova, Palestine, Uganda, and other regions rarely traveled by Americans.

During the past decade John has developed a special interest in protecting the environment, focusing on topics ranging from the Long Beach Breakwater, to building more efficient data centers. Having lived in, and worked around, some of the world’s most toxic waste dumps, Savageau is committed to identifying and presenting both issues and potential solutions to environmental problems by highlighting both villains and heros.

A former US Air Force officer, and graduate of the University of Maryland, John Savageau has spent the majority of his life outside of the United States, living for more than 15 years in Japan, in addition to many years living in other locations including Sydney, Bejing, London, Ulaanbaatar, and Okinawa.

John Savageau currently lives in Burbank, California, providing business consulting services focusing on communications, Internet strategy, data center construction and management, as well as cloud computing for small companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses in developing countries.

Contact John Savageau at savageau@pacific-tier.com or visit the Pacific-Tier Communications website at www.pacific-tier.com, Twitter @johnsavageau, or visit his LinkedIN profile.

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