Long Beach Breakwater Plan Presented to City Council and Citizens

Do the residents of Long Beach believe the breakwater issue is important? 

Ryan ZumMallen, Managing Editor of the Long Beach Post (LB Post) kept the city informed with a constant stream of “Tweets” during the entire proceeding of the Long Beach City Council meeting last evening, 27 July 2009.  City council members had already received hundreds of letters and messages from residents giving their opinions on the break water issue, and now the council was about to be presented with a detailed Long Beach Breakwater Reconnaissance Study offered by Russell H. Boudreau,  principle coastal engineer for a local engineering firm Moffatt & Nichol.

From Ryan ZumMallen’s Tweets (@lbpostdotcom):

  • I’m at the City Council meeting session on the LB Breakwater report that was released last week. You guys interested in updates?
  • Mayor Foster says that bringing back waves and improving water quality are very different, and that there is no easy solution for both
  • The breakwater report presents five options for improving water quality and maybe even bringing waves to LB (personally I liked #3)
  • … (continued) Govt Affairs Mgr. Tom Modica: “The goal is to determine if there is federal interest in a reconfiguration of the breakwater.”
  • Modica: “Long Beach’s efforts are unprecedented.”
  • Good sized crowd here, btw
  • … Engineer says, “This beach is a sleeping giant.” But it’s not clear if altering the breakwater would restore beaches or not
  • … Councilmember Garcia: “This would literally transform the city,” he says. “Having waves would be the best possible Stimulus plan for LB.”
  • … Councilmember Schipske: “This would be a fantastic economic stimulus plan for Long Beach.”
  • … Still going through public comment at the LB meeting on reconfiguring the breakwater. Whatever eventually happens, it won’t be easy or quick
  • … Seamus Ian Innes says: “Bringing waves back to LB should be the primary goal and increasing water quality should be a secondary goal.”
  • … Aaaaaaand… the meeting has ended.

This was an excellent use of real time tweeting, and did allow non-in-person participants to keep informed, and even ask questions during the proceedings.  A very hot topic for all residents of Long Beach.

This morning Mayor Bob Foster (Long Beach, California) sent the following message to the people of Long Beach:

“Dear Friend,

Last night, the City Council was presented with the Long Beach Breakwater Reconnaissance Study.  Click here to read the executive summary and the PowerPoint presentation.
This study adds a tremendous amount of facts to the discussion – we learned that wave height does not necessarily improve coastal water quality, especially knowing that most of the pollution travels down the L.A. River from the 39 cities upstream from Long Beach.  We also now know that some modifications to the breakwater bring waves back to Long Beach without harming property.  There is no real silver bullet solution to our challenges but adding these facts is a very important step going forward.  I also want to thank the Long Beach residents who pushed the City to study this issue.
Click here for additional information on the Long Beach Breakwater Reconnaissance Study on the City’s website. 

Please do not hesitate to contact my office at (562) 570-6801 or email me at mayor@longbeach.gov if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Mayor Bob Foster  


The Long Beach Press-Telegram also ran a front page story on the proceedings, expressing the positive outcome of this meeting, and although we are a very long way from any decision or outcome on the issue of the Long Beach Breakwater, we are one more baby step closer to resolving the 60 year old problem of altering the natural eco-system of San Pedro Bay (the area of water surrounding Long Beach, Seal Beach, and parts of San Pedro).

While Representatives Laura Richardson and Dana Rohrabacher did not attend, the city and residents of Long Beach, as well as all of Southern California owe them their gratitude for getting the funds to prepare the Long Beach Breakwater Reconnaissance Study, and bring us a small step forward.

John Savageau, Long Beach

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