UnCommon Cloud Training at Interop Las Vegas

Organizers of the Cloud Camp have developed a great venue for training.

Objective – bring the masses quickly up to speed on cloud computing. Oh yes, and do it in an interesting, painless venue that not only informs, but also inspires and motivates attendees to become viral cloud evangelists. Several hundred people showed up for the Cloud Camp at Interop Las Vegas, showing not only intense interest in cloud computing, but also interest in a creative training environment organized locally by Dave Nielsen and Sam Charrington.

The cloud camp has a very unique structure:

  1. Kick off the meeting with 5 minute “lightning talks” by a group of industry experts
    • Arvid Fossen of AServer/Daas.com
    • Dan Butzer of Sun Cloud
    • Lew Moorman of Rackspace/Mosso
    • David Chou of Microsoft Azure
    • Tara Hunt of Intuit Partner Platform
    • Jesse Robbins of Opscode
  2. Move on to the next phase, which is to ask 5 volunteers from the audience who claim they are cloud experts or cloud savvy to serve on a panel
  3. Ask the audience to come up with 10 questions or topics related to cloud computing they would like explained in detail
  4. Let the panel take turns answering the questions
  5. If the audience is not satisfied with the answer, set aside the topic for later discussion and development
  6. Once the 10 topics have been exhausted, break up the audience into several smaller groups with the “tabled topics” as a focus for further discussion
    • Add an industry expert to each focus group
    • Allow audience members to move between groups as their question is either satisfied or they want to move to a new topic
  7. Walk away conversant in cloud computing

The response to this venue was great, and a very positive testament to the training programs within Interop. This training was free to all conference attendees, and was probably worth the trip to Las Vegas by itself.

There are additional Cloud Camps scheduled around the world, including several in the USA (Washington DC, San Francisco, Columbus/OH, Portland).

Congratulations to the Interop, Executive Cloud Summit, and Cloud Camp team for a very successful and valuable event.

About johnsavageau
Another telecom junkie who has been bouncing around the international communications community for most of the past 35 years.

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