SoCal Companies Shine at Interop Las Vegas

Interop Las Vega can be boiled down to a single topic ā€“ cloud computing. Lots of variations such as cloud security, cloud provisioning, cloud storage, cloud everything.

Monday kicked off with the Enterprise Cloud Summit, which attracted nearly 300 attendees. The speaker lineup was pretty impressive, with the focus on introducing the cloud concept and opportunity to business and enterprise users. The conference also sponsored “Cloud Camp,” which was a highly interactive training seminar for cloud students which ran well into the night.

Some very good speeches and presentations on the topic. Two Southern California companies kept coming up in the presentations and discussions as being both thought leaders, as well as powerful factors within the cloud industry.

Rightscale (Santa Barbara), which produces provisioning software for companies such as Amazon, Eucalyptus, GoGRID, and many others drew a lot of positive comments. Thorsten von Eicken, CEO of Rightscale, gave a very good presentation on the topic of deploying and managing multi-component clouds in virtual data centers.

This morning Thorsten also sat on a panel at the cloud summit on the topics of cloud billing models. He commented “It’s all about visibility and control. Provided you have both, you can make the decisions and budget more or less as normal. You actually have more control with cloud computing.”

3tera, based in Aliso Viejo, was mentioned in nearly all major presentations during the Enterprise Cloud Summit as a leader in developing cloud operating systems (Infrastructure as a Service/IaaS and Platform as a Service/PaaS), as well as a high end provisioning service. Walking past the 3tera kiosk on the conference floor was simply impossible, as the kiosk was constantly surrounded by large groups of people wanting to learn more about their products.

Eucalyptus, another Santa Barbara-based company, also received several positive mentions during the discussions, including highlight in Peter Laird’s presentation on the “Taxonomy of Could Offerings” as a strong player in cloud infrastructure services.

Southern California is quickly gaining recognition as a factor in development of cloud computing. We should be proud of our local companies, and reach out to them as we continue to step closer to clouds as a next logical step in our information and communications technology planning.

About johnsavageau
Another telecom junkie who has been bouncing around the international communications community for most of the past 35 years.

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